Our R&D Team

The company has 5 project managers, 2 UI designers, 2 visual designers,
5 ID engineers, 6 software engineers, 16 hardware engineers,
6 structural engineers, 10 test engineers, 2 certification engineers,
DQE 3 engineers.

StandardizedR&D Process

Strictly abide by the IPD process and DFM
process to ensure that the product avoids
product risks from the research and
development end.

View about the R&D flow chart (PDF) 

Our Brand ServiceExperience

With the service experience of world-renowned brands, we are very familiar with the safety standards of various
countries and the quality requirements of different
positioning brands. We have a group of engineers with
professional experience to serve global brand customers. You only need to give us the product requirements and concepts. We will help you realize product design, development and production, and use a comprehensive quality management system to ensure product quality, so that you can use your energy on product sales and brand services with confidence.

The ability to lead new technologies and new trends

The marketing department and the R&D department
conduct research on the trend of new technologies in the industry to grasp the latest technology and market direction, and provide customers with competitive products with
leading technology and functions. At the same time, we are also constantly exploring potential products with market prospects in the future And through product innovation to ensure customers’ continuous brand competitiveness.
Our value is not only to manufacture products for customers, our more important value is to provide customers with new and innovative products with market competitiveness, so that customers’ brand products have the ability to lead the market and increase the added value of the brand.

R&D and InnovationCapabilities

We will conduct product innovation and micro-innovation by researching hot-selling products or trending products in the market, and through new technology changes, combinations, etc., and develop products with applied new technologies or technology combinations through innovation, and at the same time We will also investigate the pain points of different brand products in the market, and solve these pain points to achieve consumer satisfaction with the customer brand market. We pay more attention to product appearance and consumer
experience to meet the preferences of mainstream consumer groups to achieve A better product experience helps brands gain better consumer reputation and brand experience.

Ability to Develop IndustryStandards

We have complete professional laboratories, including: battery safety and safety reliability testing laboratory, electrical performance testing laboratory, high and low temperature reliability testing laboratory, equipment compatibility testing laboratory, finished product reliability testing laboratory etc., through incoming material testing, cell safety reliability testing, finished product reliability testing, compatibility testing, electrical performance reliability testing, drop testing, compression testing, appearance testing, and salt spray testing of materials and accessories, Swing test, plug-in test, wear-resistant test and other professional tests to ensure the quality of the product from incoming material to design verification, test verification, process reliability verification, product pre-shipment test verification, etc., to ensure the newly developed products or products The quality of the materials is up to standard.
Our R&D team often participates in the formulation of national industry product standards. The products we develop can not only meet the minimum industry standards required by the safety standards of various countries, but we will also formulate corporate standards that are higher than the safety standard tests to meet global standards. Brand customers have higher requirements, and escort the brand’s product quality and reputation.