Definition of Project Management

1. Project management is a process that relies on specialized knowledge, skills, tools and methods to enable the project to achieve or exceed the predetermined expectations through the management of project scope, cost, schedule and quality under the limited conditions of limited resources.

2. It includes nine knowledge areas of overall management, scope management, cost management, progress management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, procurement management, and risk management, and five process groups of initiation, planning, execution, supervision and control, and closing .

3. Project management is to aggregate limited resources, make full use of management knowledge, skills, tools and methods, obtain the best return with the best investment, and achieve the set goals.

The Core of Project Management

Core idea: Within the limited time, space and budget, organize the
necessary manpower and material resources together to achieve the
project goals in an orderly manner.

Essentials of Project Management

Time——Quality——Cost——Risk——Process Control——Human Resource Coordination and Allocation