The Importance of Product Industrial Design

  • The Importance of ProductIndustrial Design toEnterprises or Brands

    Industrial Design

    Industrial design, also known as industrial
    product design, refers to the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics, and economics. Industrial design involves
    psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical structure, photography, color
    science, etc. Industrial design involves
    psychology, sociology, and aesthetics.

    Industrial DesignThe Importance
    of Product Industrial Design

    A good product industrial design is to improve the image of the enterprise or brand, enhance the image and added value of the brand or product, enhance the differentiation between the enterprise or brand and competing
    products, and let consumers see the intention of the enterprise or brand on the product and generate love and appreciation. Stickiness, so that enterprises or brands receive long-term recognition and pursuit of consumers, and make enterprises or brand products become industry leaders or imitators, thereby
    enhancing the brand awareness of enterprises.

  • The designer’s pursuit of design creativity, aesthetics, human-computer interaction and experience, and design details is the beginning of a good industrial design.

  • Enterprise’s Grasp of The Positioning of Design Products

    Leading Product Design

    Focus on creativity, technology direction and fashion trends, product details and texture, and product reliability.
    Target customers and consumer groups: target mid-to-high-end brand customers and consumers.

    Cost-Effective Product Design

    Pay attention to the popular design sense of products, pay attention to the economic cost of products, and pay attention to the consumption preferences of various
    consumer groups.
    Locate customers and consumer groups: Locate mid-to-low-end brand customers and consumers

    ODM Custom Design for Brand Customers

    Pay attention to the continuity of brand VI image and product positioning, pay
    attention to the customer groups and preferences of ODM customer brands, and pay attention to customer needs and preferences.

Principles of ProductIndustrial Design

Industrial design should payattention to follow the followingprinciples

The principle of creativity; the principle of market demand; the principle of user priority; the principle of enterprise goals; the principle of easy grasp and realization; the principle of aesthetics; the principle of protecting the ecological environment.

The Importance of Product Industrial Design

Design with Heart, Keep Improving

The design team of Lanzhiyang selects excellent designers who have professional industrial design and aesthetic technical skills and brand design experience in the industry. Their pursuit of design has become their love. The design of each product is theirs. All do creation, heart and excellence……

Designer Profile (Partial)

  • Mr. Ouyang

    Graduated from Guangzhou
    Academy of Fine Arts

    More than 10 years of design experience

  • Miss Peng

    Graduated from LuXun
    Academy of Fine Arts

    More than 6 years of design experience

  • Mr. Fan

    Graduated from Sichuan
    Academy of Fine Arts

    More than 8 years of design experience

Our Product Design Process

The Birth of Our Product ID Starts From The Designer’s Intention and Repeated Self-denial…

  • For each ID, a more suitable product solution is selected from 10-20 manuscripts for proofing

  • Make ID prototype proofing through selected manuscript design, without missing every detail……

After the model is selected, a review discussion meeting will be held between the designers and the PM. According to the creativity of the design, design aesthetics, design trends, design human-computer interaction experience, design brand compliance, design achievability, design Conduct a comprehensive review of reliability, design detail optimization, etc., improve the deficiencies of ID, structure and CMF, and lay a foundation for product design quality assurance.

Finally, after the review of each link, mold opening, testing, and mass production.

Designer on-site follow-up

  • Customer needs research stage

  • Prototype sample stage

  • Mold Stage

  • Trial Production Stage

Our Design Achievements

  • Strict requirements for details are the best interpretation of Bluetimes products. Excellent quality is the essence of Blue Times technology. While focusing on the research and development of intelligent hardware, Lanzhiyang Technology has deeply cultivated the spirit of craftsmanship to create the hard power of high-quality manufacturing.

    A number of products have won international industry awards such as domestic design awards, German iF awards, German red dot awards, American IDEA awards, and Japanese G-Mark awards. The design award has won the recognition and reputation of the industry and users.

Patent Certificate

10+ invention patents, 100+ design patents, 50+ utility model patents.