Core Advantages

R&D Strength

More than 16 years of experience in manufacturing 3C digital products, and more than 90% of the core R&D technicians have bachelor’s or master’s degrees from national key 211 universities.

Accumulated and attracted a group of experienced senior engineer project management personnel, strict IPD process and project process, using our professionalism to accurately grasp the customer’s PRD needs and safety quality requirements, to ensure that the design is zero risk and the project is delivered on time and with high quality. Established a complete battery reliability laboratory, product compatibility laboratory, safety laboratory, through strict testing to debug the hidden risks in the software and hardware of the product, greatly improving the reliability of the product and reducing the cost of new product shipments Quality risk, guaranteed one-time quality pass rate.


There are 4 professional ID design teams and PM teams. Through the investigation of new technology trends, cliens painful points and market demand trends, a new product with innovative capabilities will be completed every 1-2 months. your brand will go ahead of your competititors through technological and functional innovation and a perfect sense of design experience.

More Than 10 Years of Global 3C Digital Industry Brand Service Experience

Through more than 10 years of cooperation with global excellent brands, we have mastered the global safety certification standards and the highest brand quality standard experience, and accumulated a group of excellent cooperative suppliers to meet customer requirements, perfect quality control system and testing standards to To ensure product quality, we have accumulated experience in key device selection requirements of major brands, electrical safety specifications, machine reliability test procedures, and compatibility test specifications, allowing our products to enhance your brand reputation. At the same time, we provide professional research and development, Project and business teams to provide peer-to-peer services.

Quality Assurance

Bluetimes has a team of 130 professional quality management
personnel, who follow the quality management norms and perform various quality assurance tasks in strict accordance with the quality process. In the process of quality assurance, there are professionals in all aspects of quality control and supervision, including:
IQC (Incoming Material Inspection): To inspect the raw materials provided by suppliers to ensure that the raw materials meet the quality requirements of product manufacturing.
SQE (Supplier Quality Engineering): Cooperate with suppliers to improve the quality level of the supply chain and ensure that the products and services provided by suppliers meet the standards.
DQE (Design Quality Engineering): Participate in product design and development, ensuring that quality and manufacturability are considered at the design stage.
QE (Quality Engineering): Participate in the quality control and improvement of the product production process to ensure product quality stability and consistency.
IPQC (Process Control): Carry out quality control on the production line, discover and solve quality problems in time, and prevent defective products from entering the next process.
QC (factory inspection): Carry out quality inspection on finished products to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.
QA (Quality Assurance): By performing quality assurance tasks throughout the production process, we ensure that product quality meets customer requirements and standards.

These measures ensure the quality stability and consistency of products in the process of production and delivery, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Delivery Guarantee

The scale of the plant is more than 63,000 square meters, the monthly output of the production capacity is 3,500,000 units, the delivery date is on time, and the after-sales guarantee is complete.